Get Involved

Get involved and help change the lives of children in Africa


We need continuous prayer. Will you please pray for:

  • Children who need surgery and rehabilitation
  • Children and families who we introduce to the Lord Jesus Christ
  • The medical staff and others who care for these precious children
  • The Board of Directors to exercise sound decision-making that brings glory to God
  • Those who raise the funds needed to do this work
  • Those who administer the work

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Your donation will bring medical relief and the gospel message to children in Africa.


Want to tell others about BethanyKids? Have an idea for a fundraiser? Host a fundraising dinner, golf tournament, 5K Run – Walk – Bike – Give. Almost any event can be a fun and effective way to help raise funds for BethanyKids. Our staff would love to hear from you and help you make your fundraiser a smashing success! Some ideas:

  • Join college students across the country in supporting BethanyKids when you fundraise throughout the year and celebrate your success with an event!
  • Hold a Fun Run or Walk.
  • Host a dinner or Gala.
  • You can turn almost any activity or event into a fundraiser. Contact us – we’d love to hear your idea!

When you organize or hold an event for BethanyKids, you’ll be taking an important step toward helping African children overcome birth defects, deadly diseases, and other surgically treatable conditions. Through the generous support of fundraisers and their donors, families who can’t afford medical treatment and would otherwise go without can get surgery for their children. BethanyKids pays for or subsidizes treatment, travel, and other costs as well.

Please contact Terri Davis at [email protected] with any questions.


You might be the answer to a prayer!  We have a constant need for volunteer staff in the following areas:

Surgery – pediatric surgeons, pediatric neurosurgeons
Rehabilitation – physical therapists, occupational therapists, therapist assistants
Communications – Writers, photojournalists, graphic designers, video producers, social media coordinators
Spiritual Ministry – Prayer partners
Fundraising – Church coordinators, regional advocates, event coordinators, marketing assistants

In addition to the doctors who have given so much, we have been blessed by some very young volunteers, too.  Railey wanted to help his “friends” in Africa.  He emptied out his toys and begged his mommy to let him have a Lemonade Stand and sell his toys to help raise money for his friends so that “they can live and know Jesus.”

If you feel led to volunteer with us, either on a long or short term basis, please email Terri Davis at [email protected].